Special nature reserve „Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski rit is located near the highway E75 in the southeastern part of Backa and a small part in Srem. Good position near the international road and big cities of Novi Sad and Belgrade makes the reserve easily accessible for tourists.

The reserve stretches along the Danube on 5,895 hectares and consists of the Koviljski rit, along the left bank of the Danube, while the Petrovaradin part stretches on the right bank.

The floodplain complex along the Danube represents a combination of forest, meadow, and swamp ecosystems that are closely connected into a single whole characterized by original forms of wetlands, islands, ponds, and swamps.

The wealth is reflected in the diversity of fauna, especially in the presence of rare species of birds.



Wetlands and forest ecosystems are especially important because of the large number of birds, of which the black stork and the white-tailed eagle have the status of a natural rarity.

The area around the reserve is famous for a large number of stork that returns every spring in increasing numbers.

Wetland is also the most important natural fish hatchery for over 20 species of fish, especially for pike, sturgeon, and carp.

The natural floodplain forests consist of white and almond willow, white and black poplar and ash, and rare plant species as white and yellow water lily, four-leaf clover, and orchis laxiflora.



The ecological-educational center is located near the administration building in Kovilj. Getting to the Special Nature Reserve “Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski rit” is quick and easy from Novi Sad (25 km) and Belgrade (60 km). There is a regular bus line to the settlement of Kovilj, number 24 from Novi Sad, and it is also located on the Danube bicycle route Eurovelo 6. For all visits to the special reserve, it is necessary to contact the agency Vojvodinašume-Turist.

GPS coordinates:       45.216482       20.027988



Some of the activities that we can offer you during the visit are the presentation of the reserve, walk followed by the guide, motor boating, and bird watching.

You can attend an eco-class in an outdoor classroom, getting to know to the reserve and its diverse wildlife, many strictly protected. An outdoor classroom is equipped with tables, benches, an informational board, and a bird observatory.

We organize the visit as walking tours. First, we visit the Educational Trail at the location Šlajz-Tikvara, near village Kovilj, around the pond Šlajz, equipped with information boards, benches, and tables for visitors. This locality is a meeting place for nature lovers, fishermen, walkers, and one of the most visited and attractive in the reserve.

Educational Trail on Kurjačka greda is a few kilometers away, so we need a transfer. The trail is 1 km long, stretches along the Aglu pond, and equipped with info boards, benches, and tables where visitors can take a break.

At the end of the educational trail, we come to the observatory, where we can observe birds and other wildlife at the Agla pond.

Walks are organized for all interested groups of visitors, students, pupils, and all nature lovers who can find one of the preserved oases of peace among the old Danube meanders.

The trails are suitable for all levels of preparedness because it is a flat terrain that allows the movement of children and the elderly.

A visit is not complete without a boat drive, organized at the Šlajz-Tikvara site accompanied by a guard service.

A whole new world opens up to visitors and a view of the remains of the endless ponds and wetlands. His Royal Highness Prince Charles took a boat ride on part of the route in 2016 during a visit to „Gornje Podunavlje”.

You can use your stay to swim in Šlajza, visit Kovilj, “the village at the end of the world”, known for watermelons, home-made meat products, fish specialties, and mulberry rakija. There is the chapel of St. Petka and the monastery of Kovilj dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel in the village.



All information regarding programs, visits, or special requests, can be obtained from the agency “Vojvodinašume-Tourist”.

Address: Preradovićeva 2, Petrovaradin, Novi Sad

Phone+38121/6432-401, +38121/6432-976

Working hours: 7AM-3PM

You can download the program of the visit here.