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Tourist agency VOJVODINAŠUME-TURIST, a branch of State-owned enterprise Vojvodinašume, was created from the need for sustainable development of tourism of specific interests, based on the potentials of natural resources managed by the enterprise. Development of sustainable ecotourism in protected areas, in compliance with the principles of nature protection, provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a quality and active stay in nature, encouraging the desire to respect and preserve the natural environment in which they are located.

A tourist visit and stay in protected areas, a temporary escape from the urban environment into the wild untouched nature, such as the protected areas of ,,Gornje Podunavlje”, ,,Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit”, ,,Obedska bara” and ,,Deliblatska Peščara”, offer visitors hiking through the settled forest paths, sailing on channels and rivers, birdwatching, photo safaris, cycling, numerous recreational and adrenaline activities, with the possibility of ecological education.

The success of the long-term development of sustainable tourism are the preserved nature and authentic values of the territory, increase in the visitors’ awareness of environmental protection, encouragement of local tradition and customs, as well as the friendly interaction between the local population and visitors.

All information about the programs and visit the reservation can be obtained from the agency “Vojvodinašume-Turist” Petrovaradin, Preradoviceva br. 2

Working hours of the office, working days from 07.oo h to 15 oo h.

Email: travel@vojvodinasume.rs

Telefon: 021/6432-401, 021/6432-976

If you have special interests or requests, we will prepare a special program for you.