Special nature reserve Bagremara is located in Vojvodina, in the southwestern part of BaČka, north of the settlement of BaČka Palanka, covering the area of about 117 ha.

SNR „Bagremara” consists of two units – loess terraces and alluvial terraces of the Danube. Atmospheric and groundwater are important for the survival of the forest because there are no permanent surface waters. During heavy rainfall and due to weak swelling, the water stays in them until summer.



In Serbia, only in Bagremara you can see Eranthis. This perennial plant from the buttercup family is strictly protected and belongs to endangered species in Serbia, which is rare in neighboring countries. It blooms during February and March and with its yellow flowers defies the snow and paints the acacia forests.

In the area of SNR „Bagremara”, a two-level protection regime has been established. In most of the reserve, there are restrictions in the use of natural resources, and all activities are carried out for scientific research, testing, and organized education of visitors.

About 70 species of birds live in the reserve, of which 30 species nest in this area, and 93 species of insects have been recorded. Almost the entire surface of the reserve is under the acacia forest, with very little black walnut and pedunculate oak, and often occurs Elderflower.

Through the marked trails of the forest, the colors change starts from the golden yellow which Eranthis implies the end of winter. During the spring, a green acacia forest appears, dotted with a carpet of violets. Acacia and elderflower fill the forest with the whiteness of their flowers and intoxicating scents. During the summer, the peace of the forest is completed by the chirping of birds, while autumn colors announce winter sleep.



SNR „Bagremara” is located near Bačka Palanka, on the road Bačka Palanka-Odžaci-Sombor. It can be reached from several directions: one leads from Novi Sad (45 km) and Belgrade (130 km) through Bačka Palanka, and the other is from Sombor ( 70 km) and Subotica (130 km).

GPS coordinates:       45.271172       19.37849



We offer you various educational content and at the same time an interesting recreational walk during which you get to know the reserve.

The time of the visit must be coordinated with the period of the year, the number of visitors, manner of behavior, and for all organized tourist visits, prior notice to the Vojvodinašume-Turist agency is required.

We gather at the entrance of the reserve where the Educational walking trail begins, length of 2.5 km. During the walk, we get to know the protected species of plants and animals, enjoy the forest ecosystem, and we can photograph interesting details.

Walking along the Educational Trail, we reach the Ecological Canopy – where we organize an Outdoor Classroom. The capacity is up to 25 visitors, it serves for presentations of natural values and is equipped with tables, benches, information, and educational boards.

If you have the whole day at your disposal, on the way out of the protected area you will find marked fireplaces for a barbecue, ideal for families and larger groups.

You can continue your stay by visiting  Bačka Palanka and its surroundings: famous beaches, museums, Karađorđevo stable, Dunđerski Castle in Čelarevo and more.



All information regarding programs, visits, or special requests, can be obtained from the agency “Vojvodinašume-Tourist”.

Address: Preradovićeva 2, Petrovaradin, Novi Sad

Phone+38121/6432-401, +38121/6432-976

Working hours: 7AM-3PM

You can download the program of the visit here.