The Special Nature Reserve „Bagremara” has been put under protection by the Decree of the Government of Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 12/07), as the protected natural resource of the 1st category of protection, having the exceptional importance for the Republic of Serbia. The SNR „Bagremara” is located in the Backa Palanka municipality, covering the area of 117,58 ha, and the area belonging to the protected natural resource covers 271,16 ha.

The SNR „Bagremara” is the only habitat of the plant species – local name: kukurjak (Eranthis Hiemalis (L.) Salisb) in our country. This perennial early spring cryptophyte from the family of buttercup (Ranunculaceae) represents the natural rarity, belonging to the category of extremely endangered plant species in Serbia.

The two-level protection has been established in the territory of the SNR „Bagremara”. In the 1st level protection zone covering the area of 34,8 ha, the only activities allowed are the ones for the scientific and research purposes, as well as for the controlled education. In the 2nd level protection zone covering the area of 82,78 ha, there are limitations to the utilization of the natural resources, defined by the Decree on the protection. In the whole area of the SNR, the following has been ensured: preservation of the forest ecosystem for the existence of kukurjak, measures for the sustainability and health conditions of forest stand, revitalization of the nautral autochthonous forest stand, preservation and improvement of the living conditions of the endangered plant- and animal species, establishment of monitoring, creation of a link among the microlocations of kukurjak into a unique network, supression of the agreessive wood plants etc.

The Special Nature Reserve “Bagremara” offers various scientific and recreational choices:

– Programme of taking a walk down the education path, total length 2000 meters, with signposts showing the direction along the way. There are 11 benches, 2 tables, 6 trash cans, 6 information panels with photos and texts on the protected species.

– Eco-porch for the presentation of natural goods to the smaller number of visitors (up to 20). It is located in the conifer woods, opposite the hotel and tennis grounds. After the presentation made by the guide, the group of visitors makes the tour of the Reserve, down the ecological path, along the info panels, benches and tables, accompanied by the guide all the way. The time of the visit must be in accordance with the Conditions prescribed by the Institute for nature conservation (period of the year, number of visitors, rules of conduct etc), all for the purpose of the Eranthis hiemalis (L.) Salisb preservation.



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