Company activities:

  • regeneration and maintenance of natural forests.
  • growing, artificial regeneration and cultivation of forest crops and plantations.
  • undertaking measures of protection of forests, nurseries and seed facilities against diseases, pests and weed.
  • protection of forests against fire.
  • protection of forests against illegal utilisation.
  • production of forest seeds and planting materials.
  • production of ornamental planting material.
  • protection and improvement of the state of the genofund of forest tree varieties.
  • identification of habitats and selection of tree varieties and afforestation technology and natural regeneration of forests.
  • monitoring the status and dynamics of changes in groundwater levels on the territory of forest ecosystems.
  • design and construction of forest roads.
  • cutting, transport and selling of forest assortments.
  • game breeding, hunting and hunting tourism.
  • intensive artificial breeding of pheasants on farms.
  • protection of game genofund and regeneration.
  • forest inventory and management planning.
  • professional work in forests of private owners.
  • management of fishing waters, breeding of fish and juvenile fish.
  • management of protected natural goods.
  • preservation of biological diversity of forest, aquatic and meadow ecosystems.
  • development of the Company and forestry.
  • establishing and development of information systems.
  • marketing of forest products, other forest products, hunting and hunting tourism.
  • upgrading of experts.
  • organisation of scientific and professional seminars.
  • publishing specialised publications.
  • cooperation with scientific and educational institutions.
  • Other activities of interest to the Company.