The Public Company for Forest Management “Vojvodinašume” is organised into three organisational levels:

1. Company Directorate

2. Sections of the Company- forest holdings and the sections of the Company “Vojvodinašume – Lovoturs” Novi Sad – Petrovaradin and „Vojvodinašume-Turist“ Petrovaradin.

3. Work units – forest administrations and other work units.

The Company Directorate performs strategic, development and coordination activities and supervision of work of sections of the Company. Organisational structure of the Directorate consists of sectors.

Forest holdings are established on the level of forestland areas and their organisational structure consists of services.

Forest administrations are basic units for planning and organisation of forest management activities.

Apart from forest holdings such as: “Sremska Mitrovica” Sremska Mitrovica, “Sombor” Sombor, “Novi Sad” Novi Sad and “Banat” Pančevo, the Company also consists of the sections of the Company specialised in hunting and breeding game “Vojvodinašume – Lovoturs” Petrovaradin and „Vojvodinašume-Turist“ Travel Agency is a specialised agency, tour operator.

The Public Company “Vojvodinašume” has over 1,852 employees, out of whom 241 are with university degree, of which 163 are forest engineers; 490 employees with secondary school degree, out of whom 269 are forest technicians and 1,121 employees in direct production (data from 2004).