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SNR “DELIBLATSKA PEŠČARA” (Deliblato sands) – The largest European continental sandy terrain is located in the south-east part of the Pannonia Plain, i.e. in Banat, covering the area of nearly 35,000 ha. It is of elliptical shape and extends from south-east to north-west. It was formed during the Ice Age from the vast layers of silica-carbon sand. In the Modern Age, the east wind called “košava” formed a clear dune relief, rising between 70 and 200 meters above sea level. The moderate continental climate, absence of surface water courses and sandy soil resulted in unique biocoenoses, located in a special vegetation-geographical area called Deliblaticum.

The unique mosaic of ecosystems contains typical species of flora and fauna, among which many are rare and significant according to international criteria. The rich flora with over 900 species, subspecies and varieties abounds in rarities, relics, endemics and subendemics, such as: Banat paeony, Pančić wormwood, bulrush, dwarf-steppe almond, sandy immortelle and juniper tree – the only autochthonous conifer of the Pannonia Plane. As the last and largest oasis of sand, steppe, forest and marsh vegetation which once dominated the Pannonia Plane, the SNR ‘Deliblatska peščara’ is one of the most important centres of biodiversity in Serbia and Europe, as well as the most important steppe in our country. This reserve, therefore, represents a unique test-field of science.

Some of the fauna rarity in this reserve includes the steppe habitat species: desert ant, ant-lion, Banat falcon, imperial eagle, steppe gerbil, ground squirrel, mole rat, steppe skunk and others. For some of them, Deliblatska peščara (Deliblato Sands) is the only or one of few remaining habitats in Serbia. The peculiarity of the reserve is the permanent presence of wolf population.

The “Deliblato sand” protected natural resources also include a part of the Danube course, its marshes and islets. Waters abounding in fish and a number of hatcheries represent an important gathering-point and mass wintering grounds of waterfowl. This is why Deliblatska peščara was designated as an Important Bird Area in 1989 (IBA). It is also the nesting place of many rare species, such as: little egret, yellow heron, ibis and sand-martin. Small cormorant – a highly endangered species in Serbia – has its only safe nesting place here.

Typical villages on the border part of the reserve have preserved the atmosphere of the past and complete the image of this picturesque setting.

The SNR “Deliblatska peščara” offers various choices, for scientific and recreational purposes:

The Education centre “Čardak”, located in the Special Nature Reserve “Deliblatska peščara”, was opened in 2010. The purpose of the Centre is to raise awareness of the beneficiaries on necessity of the nature conservation and prevention of the decrease of biodiversity, through various presentations and organized education on principles of sustainable management and supervision. This would bring the SNR closer to the standards of the European Union. The Education centre consists of three houses, the total size 320 m2. The multi-functional centre, surrounded by clearly marked pathways, with information panels, resting places and monitoring watchtowers along the way, gives opportunity to spend a good quality time in nature to pupils, students, and especially to the experts in biology. The Centre offers the visitors useful information and assistance, good-qulity advertising material, authentic souvenirs and also organization of loca and international projects.

The Education centre “Čardak” is located in the afforested part of the Deliblato sands, only 7 km far from the Deliblato village. It consists of the management building, restaurant (capacity: 500 persons), 7 pavilions (two of them recently renovated, capacity 130 beds), 3 groups of bungalows, supporting premises, sports fields and other.

Path no.1 – Čardak-Vrela: circular walking path, total length 12 km.

Path no. 2 – Borovi breg: walking path in the shape of 8, total length 15 km. It is suitable forf off road bicycle ride and for fitness jogging.

Path no. 3 – Koprivić: circular walking pathway, total length 7 km.

Path no. 4 – The path of Joy: circular walking pathway, total length 5 km.

Path no. 5 – Eco path: circular walking pathway, total length 3,5 km.

Path no. 6 – Health path: circular walking pathway, total length 3,5 km.



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