Hunting-ground ‘Subotičke šume’ (Forests of Subotica) Subotica covers 4,711 ha, of which 543 ha are enclosed. Predominant game species in the enclosed part include mouflon and fallow deer as an accompanying species.

Small game inhabiting this hunting-ground includes hare, pheasant and wild duck.

This is a lowland type hunting-ground with height ranging between 114 and 143 metres above sea level. Enclosed part comprises 500 ha of forests, 35 ha of pastures and meadows and 8 ha of other vegetation.

This hunting-ground is located on the outskirts of Subotica, 8 km from the centre of the city.

It is located 180 km from the Belgrade airport and 100 km from Novi Sad.

The hunting-ground also includes a refurbished hunting lodge ‘Hrastovača’ offering accommodation in 6 double rooms to hunters-tourists.

Large game hunting is conducted from shooting stands or from teams.

In the open part of the hunting-ground you can hunt hare, pheasant and wild duck.