Hunting-ground ‘Kozara’ Bački Monoštor covers 11,764 ha and it is entirely enclosed. The predominant large game species in this hunting-ground are deer and wild boar with roe game as an accompanying species.

Numerous specimens of large game of high trophy value have been hunted here (deer, wild boar and roe-game). A prize stag with trophy value of 248.55 CIC points was hunted down here. For over 20 years it held a world record. Now it holds a national record.

Small game such as wild duck and wild geese can be hunted during winter.

This is a lowland type hunting-ground with height between 83 and 88 metres above sea level.

Forests cover 5,175 ha (43.99%); pastures and meadows 4,106 ha (34.90%); arable land and fields 486 ha (4.13%); water and reed 900 ha (7.65%); and other 1,079 ha (9.33%).

Hunting-ground ‘Kozara’ is located 15 km from Sombor and connected with this town via an asphalt road. It is situated 120 km from Novi Sad and 180 km from Belgrade airport.

This hunting-ground includes a comfortable hunting lodge-villa ‘Štrbac’ offering accommodation to hunters-tourists in four double rooms and two apartments with bathrooms.

Large game hunting is conducted in shooting stands or from teams.