Hunting-grounds in Public Company ‘Vojvodinašume’ have been established and set up on the area of 108,988.00 ha, which accounts for 5.06% of the total surface area of hunting-grounds established in Vojvodina (2,152,635.60 ha).

On this area, 14 hunting-grounds have been established, set up and entrusted to Public Company ‘Vojvodinašume’. They are managed by 5 branches of this public company (forest holdings: ‘Novi Sad’ Novi Sad, ‘Sombor’ Sombor, ‘Banat’ Pančevo, ‘Sremska Mitrovica’ Sremska Mitrovica and “Vojvodinašume – Lovoturs” – Petrovaradin which also include nine enclosed hunting-grounds). Total area of enclosed hunting-grounds is 25,552.00 ha or 23.50% of the total area under hunting-grounds established in PC‘Vojvodinašume’.

PC ‘Vojvodinašume’ is a business entity conducting activities in the sector of hunting. It owns hunting-grounds and game breeding farms with professional staff working on them. This makes it one of key actors in planning the development of hunting sector both in the Province and the Republic.

Enclosed hunting-grounds are used for intensive, modern method of breeding two autochthonous species (deer and wild boar) and two allochthonous species (fallow deer and mouflon), generally kept and bred together on the same enclosed site. Roe-deer can also be found here as an accompanying species, very numerous in hunting-grounds of PC ‘Vojvodinašume’.

Intensive production and breeding of large game is intended mainly for foreign hunters-tourists (foreign market). However, over the past couple of years local hunters-tourists have also been taken into consideration (domestic market). This resulted in greater indirect financial benefits.