Seed Production
Forest seed production is performed in accordance with the Law on Forest Reproductive Material. Seed collecting is performed in registered seed collection areas, seed stands or seed plantations.

Vegetative Reproductive Material
In addition to forest seed production, there is the production of vegetative reproductive material in the form of cuttings. Cuttings are produced for the purpose of rooted cuttings production of selected high-yielding varieties (clones) of poplars and willows.


Planting material production in company sections is organised by forest holdings. In the Public Company there is the total of 19 nurseries for production of forest seedlings and planting material for decorative plants.

Production of Forest Planting Material
Forest planting material is produced in 18 nurseries, mainly for the purposes of the Public Company, and partly for the purposes of the domestic market. The main part of production relates to rooted cuttings of selected varieties of soft broad-leaved trees of poplars and willows, and seedlings of the remaining part to those of other broad-leaved varieties. Production of seedlings of coniferous varieties of forest trees is mainly restricted for the purposes of afforestation of bare land on sands.

Production of Panting Material for Decorative Plants
Restricted quantities of planting material for decorative plants are produced in the Public Company nurseries, chiefly for meeting the demands at the local level.