Protection of forests against diseases, pests and weed
The forest protection against plant diseases and pests is carried out in compliance with legislation, annual work plan and long-term programme of cooperation with the Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment.

Protection of forests against fire
Fire represents a great threat to forests and forest crops, especially within the area of Deliblato and Subotica Sands, where intensified protection measures are taken.

Protection of forests against game and domestic animals
Considerable damages by game are caused to young forest crops and naturally regenerated forests, especially in enclosed hunting grounds with greater concentration of big game. Damages by domestic animals are caused to young crops and naturally regenerated forests in the vicinity of settlements and in cases of uncontrolled grazing.

Protection of forests against abiotic harmful effects
Harmful effects of abiotic factors are most frequently caused by fire, ice during winter flooding and hail, mostly in nurseries and young crops.