Protected natural areas are one of the most current destinations of modern tourism. The relationship between protected areas and tourism is reflected in the protection of natural values, recreational use, and changes in attitude towards the environment. Tourist agency VOJVODINAŠUME-TURIST, a branch of State-owned enterprise JP ”Vojvodinašume”, covers geologically the most various area of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. It was created from the need for sustainable tourism development based on the potentials of natural resources. JP ”Vojvodinašume” is there to manage, protect, and nurture some of the Vojvodina national treasures. 

The protected area of „Gornje Podunavlje”, „Bagremara”, „Obedska bara”, „Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski rit” and „Deliblatska peščara”, are witnesses of intact natural beauties and confirmation of our ability to preserve natural values for future generations. A tourist visit to the protected area is a temporary escape from the urban environment which provides an opportunity for active and quality stay in nature. Visitors can enjoy walks along the landscaped trails, sailing through canals and rivers, birdwatching, photo safaris, cycling, and numerous recreational activities with the possibility of environmental education. 

The beauty of natural resources in Vojvodina has its specifics. Diverse and authentic flora and fauna, with almost untouched landscapes, provide visitors rare, attractive, and unique tourist content throughout the whole year. 

All information regarding programs, visits, or special requests, can be obtained from the agency “Vojvodinašume-Tourist”. 

Licence – OTP  21/2022

Address: Preradovićeva 2, Petrovaradin, Novi Sad 


Phone: +38121/6432-401, +38121/6432-976

Working hours: 7AM-3PM