In Vojvodina, natural goods which are under the strict protection regime, differ in type and category of soil, the size of protected area or by person who adopted the act on establishing strict protection. On the territory of Vojvodina, there are: one national park, numerous nature reserves (11), nature parks (8), nature monuments (166), as well as particularly important natural rarity (over 300 plant and animal species).

With different types of protection, the Public Company “Vojvodinašume” has been designated as a manager of the area of over 81,342,59 ha or 62.39% of the area of forest and forestland.

The most important sites for protection are special nature reserves, such as:

  • “Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit” (the Kovilj-Petrovaradin Marsh)on the area of 4,860 ha
  • “Deliblatska peščara” (the Deliblato Sands) on the area of 34,829 ha.
  • “Obedska bara” (the Obedska Pond) on the area of 9,820 ha
  • “Gornje podunavlje” (the Upper Danube Basin) on the area of 19,648 ha,

as well as other types of protection.

More information about protection of natural goods