Seed production
Forest seed production is performed in accordance with the Law on Forest Reproduction Material. Collection of seeds is performed in registered seed facilities, stands and plantations.

Vegetative reproduction material
Apart from the forest seed production, vegetative reproduction material is also produced in the form of cuttings. Cuttings are produced for purposes of production of rooted cuttings of selected high-yielding varieties (clones) of poplar and willow trees.


Production of planting material is organised in forest holdings. In the Public Company, there are 19 nurseries in total for production of forest seedlings and ornamental planting material.

Production of forest planting material
Forest planting material is produced in 18 nurseries mainly for the Public Company, as well as for domestic market, to a great extent. The greatest part of production involves rooted cuttings of selected varieties of soft broad-leaved trees of poplar and willow and partly some other broad-leaved tree varieties. Production of coniferous tree rotted cuttings is mostly restricted to afforestation of the uncovered land of sands.

Production of ornamental planting material
In nurseries of the Public Company, limited quantities of ornamental planting material are produced, mainly for meeting the demands at the local level.

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