Kovilj – Petrovaradin Marshes

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Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski rit (Kovilj – Petrovaradin marshes) is a complex of marshes and forest ecosystems (4,840 ha) with numerous biocoenoses integrated into a functional whole. It is located in the south-east of Bačka region along the inundation area of the middle course of the Danube.

The core values of this area are represented by the preserved and diverse indigenous orographic and hydrographic forms of marshes (islands, backwaters, ponds, swamps); the preserved, abundant indigenous plant communities in marshes (forests, meadows, reeds, rushes); the diversity and abundance of fauna (172 species of birds and 46 species of fish) and particularly by the presence of rare and endangered species.

Thanks to its extraordinary natural wealth, the Kovilj-Petrovaradin marshes was declared the Important Bird Area (IBA) in 1989, and in 2004 it was included in the list of significant water-related protected areas in the Danube basin (ICPDR). This wetland is also one of the potential candidates for the Ramsar site.

Taking into account the small distance from Novi Sad (20 km) and Belgrade (60 km), as well as the proximity of the E75 highway, the Special Nature Reserve “Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit” offers outstanding touristic choices and the development of tourism in the area:

Education pathway in the Kurjačka greda locality, total length 1000 meters, for smaller groups of visitors.

Locality Šlajz:

The Šlajz locality is one of the most visited and most attractive in the whole reserve. It is located in the vicinity of Kovilj settlement and represents the favourite destination of lovers of nature, but also of fishermen and walkers. At this site, one can rent a boat for fishing or sightseeing. In 2011/2012, it is planned to purchase a vessel with the capacity of 20 passengers. This would enable the visit of a bigger group of tourists, during which they would go sightseeing and learn more about the characteristics of the protected area.

Locality Tikvara:

It is located along the levee, close to the local road and next to the monastery of Kovilj. The ecological-educational centre is situated in the locality, consisting of the equipped open-door classroom (capacity: 20-30 students). Next to the classroom, there is a bird watchtower, with the view towards the surrounding forests and swamps.

Particular importance and attraction of this protected area is the Kovilj monastery. Dating back to the 13th century and is recommended to be included in the tour.


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