Breeding, protection, management of protected natural goods, maintenance and regeneration of forests, production of forest seeds and planting material and growing of new forests and forest plantation.

Forest utilisation, production of forest products and other products of forestland areas, utilisation of forests for recreational purposes, sawn-wood production and other ways of forest utilisation.

Hunting and game breeding, meat production and processing.

Agricultural production and fishery.

Wholesale and retail trade.

Tourism and catering.

Research, development, consulting, management costs and publishing activities.

Design of construction facilities, spatial planning and geodesic works for special purposes.

Project design, programme design and preparation of the forest management basis.

Performing professional work in owner’s forests.

Foreign trade.

Improvement and utilisation of general-purpose functions of forests.

The Company may perform other activities and duties stipulated by the Statute, provided that does not affect performance of the abovementioned activities and duties.