Hunting-ground ‘Apatinski rit’ Apatin covers 6,579 ha of typically marsh land along the Danube and it is entirely enclosed. The predominant large game is deer and wild boar, whereas roe-game is an accompanying species.

Marsh habitat represents an ideal reserve for waterfowl.

During winter you can hunt for small game such as wild duck and wild geese.

This is a lowland type hunting-ground with height between 82 and 89 metres above sea level.

Forests cover 3,583 ha (54.46%); pastures and meadows 956 ha (14.53%); arable land and fields 137 ha (2.08%); water, reed and ponds 1,005 ha (15.28%); and other 898 ha (13.65%).

Hunting-ground ‘Apatinski rit’ is located 160 km from Belgrade airport and 100 km from Novi Sad.

The landscape of this hunting-ground is typical for marshes stretching along the Danube.

Board and lodging for hunters-tourists are offered in ‘Mesarske livade’ hunting lodge in one single room, three double rooms and two three-bed rooms. All rooms have bathrooms.

Large game hunting is organized from shooting stands or from teams.