Special nature reserve “Obedska bara” is a spacious wetland-forest complex located in southeastern Srem, covering an area of 9,820 hectares. It is situated between the Sava river and the settlements of Kupinovo, Obrež, and Grabovci.

Obedska bara is connected to the Sava river by the Vok, Revenica, and Vranj canals, while during the low water levels of the Sava river the water flows through the Vok canal.

Obedska bara has been on the list of wetlands of the Ramsar Convention since 1977, as the first in our country, and in 1989 it was declared an internationally Important Bird Area (IBA).



Obedska bara has been known throughout Europe since the middle of the 19th century as a kingdom of birds. It is one of the oldest protected areas in the world, since 1874, two years after Yellowstone National Park in the USA.

The reserve is one of the few still preserved areas with specifics such as forests of English oak, ash, and elm, species of wetland birds like spoonbill heron, little heron, black and white stork. At the protected area, from a few years ago, black ibis and spoonbills are nesting again.

During the visit to the reserve, expert guides will present the wealth of flora and fauna of SNR „Obedska bara”.

There are about 16 species of fish in the reserve, of especially significant are pike, carp, and crucian. Floodplain is its natural hatchery and necessary food base.



The information-educational center is located at the exit from Obrež towards Kupinovo. It is possible to reach from the direction of Novi Sad (75 km) to Pećinci, and then through Subotište, Donji Tovarnik and Ogar. If you are coming from Belgrade (65 km), the easiest is from the direction of Pećinci, or via Surčin, Boljevac, and Progar. Parking space is suitable for tourist buses and passenger vehicles.




The information-educational center is the entrance station with a capacity of 40 visitors, and it is equipped with an educational classroom, souvenir shop, and info desk. Here, you can get information, buy tickets and souvenirs and other promotional materials. The classroom is provided for promotional film and presentation of SNR „Obedska bara”.

The rest park within the Info-center is fenced, equipped with info-boards,  tables, benches, fireplaces, and provides visitors the opportunity to relax after walking with the possibility of barbecue.

SNR ”Obedska bara” offers many different recreational and scientific contents to the visitors. Tour of educational trails, bird watching from observation, boating or catamaran rides, sport, and recreational fishing, are just some of the activities that can be organized at the reserve.

For a short stay, we suggest a Tour of the park and Obed tower, which includes a promotional film about Obedska bara and a short walking tour with an expert guide to the observatory “Obed Tower”. The time provided for this program is 45 to 60 minutes, for groups between 10 and 15 visitors.

If you are interested in the view “from the water”, we suggest a trip to the Panorama of Obedska bara with the catamaran. During the ride over the Krstonošića okna, an expert guide introduces introduce you with values and history of the reserve. The program lasts about 30 minutes and is organized for groups between 10 and 25 visitors.

If you are available for the whole day, then some facilities include a walk and education through a tour of the reserve.

Start your active vacation with one of the Walking Tours, by visiting educational trails of different lengths and contents:

  • Walking tour Roads of Lilly of the valley, we start from the park, then we ride a catamaran over Krstonošić okna to the locality of Debela gora. We continue the tour by walking with experience of the untouched nature of oak forests. The trail is 2 km long and it is not demanding. The time provided is 1,5 hours, for groups of between 6 and 12 visitors.
  • Walking tour Horseshoe trail, we follow the path through a forest of oak and white cottonwood trees. From the Obed tower, we come to the Matijevica observatory and further to the other Spomenik observatory. Tour is highly demanding and the program can be realized as a longer walk (11 km – lasts 3 hours) or a shorter walk (4 km – lasts 1 hour), for groups of between 10 and 25 visitors.
  • Walking tour Circular educational trail in Kupinske grede, we take a long walk to the wetland birds, pass through old forests and get to know with rare and medicinal plant species in the Meadows of Mother Angelina. The circular trail is 7 km long, lasts 3 hours and it is for intermediate demanding groups between 10 and 50 visitors.

Obedska forest is intersected by paths, and depending on the weather conditions, it is recommended to use adequate footwear and clothing.

Visitors can rent a wooden rowing boat, visit the surroundings by riding on the Krstonošić okno, recreational fishing with their own or equipment they can rent. Fishing permits in the protected area can be purchased at the info center.

Enjoy a bike ride that you can rent in the info center. Drive along the path that leads along Potkovica, stop at the Matijevica observation, and look for wetlands on the opposite side.

For visitors who cultivate a love for birds and nature, you can enrich your visit with the Bird observatory program. Bird watchers should bring telescopes or binoculars for observation as well as keys for determining different bird species. The program lasts 3 hours and is organized for groups of 10 to 14 visitors.

After an active stay, you can visit the cultural sights of Donji Srem. In Kupinovo, you can visit the ethno-house which is considered one of the oldest residential buildings in the village. Also, here is the oldest Orthodox church in Vojvodina – the church of St. Luke.

On the way back to Pećinci, in the village of Ogar, you can stop by Aksentije’s house – the oldest ethno house in Srem from the end of the 18th century, for whose roof covering was used old pepper tile material.



All information regarding programs, visits, or special requests, can be obtained from the agency “Vojvodinašume-Tourist”.

Address: Preradovićeva 2, Petrovaradin, Novi Sad


Phone+38121/6432-401, +38121/6432-976

Working hours: 7AM-3PM

You can download the program of the visit here.