Optimum area under forests and protective forest plantations has been estimated on the basis of the target set for provision of the average area under forests and protective vegetation of 0.16 ha per capita, which would enable us to approach standards of developed countries in Europe. Accordingly, the forests in Vojvodina should cover the area of 308,045 ha, thereby increasing the level of afforestation in Vojvodina from the present 6.37% to 14.32%. The structure of thus increased level of afforestation would be as follows:

  • area under forests 193,621 ha,
  • area under protective plantations agricultural sector 84,196 ha,
  • area under protective plantations pertaining to water management entities 4,147 ha,
  • area under protective plantations along roads 4,426 ha and
  • area under protective vegetation in residential areas 21,055 ha

To achieve this, i.e. to plant over 170,000 ha of new forests and set protective plantations, all necessary requirements, including financial ones as well as the provision of projects, space, maintenance of afforested areas, forest managing entities and many others, should be met in order to significantly raise the present afforestation percentage.

For instance, the Public Company “Vojvodinašume”, in addition to areas afforested by means of common reproduction, i.e. obligation assuming immediate planting of new tree seedlings on the harvested areas, currently has around 17,530 ha for plantation of soft broad-leaved trees as well as areas and plains for the afforestation of hard broad-leaved trees. Certainly, the interests of other users, first of all, of water management, road management and agricultural entities, should be focused on afforestation, for which it is necessary to define the areas to be afforested beforehand.

Significant investments will be needed for realisation of the afforestation plan. To that end, the Afforestation Fund will be established by the Executive Council of the AP Vojvodina so that the funds for this purpose shall be appropriated on regular basis. The first phase foresees the afforestation of 1,000 ha, for which additional funds shall be necessary, first of all for investments in seedlings production, provision of adequate areas, preparation of soil as well as for care and protection of forests. Just to illustrate, for planting 1,000 ha of forests, it is necessary to provide around 365,000,000.00 dinars for tree seedlings, care and protection. Foresters would provide for one third of necessary resources by investing their labour and machinery, whereas remaining part would be provided by the Province.